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All my trips are listed under ‘ACTIVITIES’ to the left of this text. Use the links to access the trips – just click on one and it will bring up all the kit items for that particular activity or trip.

How to use this site

This is an experiment in compiling kit lists using mapping networks contained within the software of this site. The main part of the site contains a database of kit entries listing my whole gear collection. The aim is to be able to use the functionality of the site to compile a kit list for a variety of different activities (obviously only the ones I have done so far).


The lists that I am preparing here are my own, therefore they are entirely subjective. The items are selected because they fit me properly, or are most suited to an activity (although sometimes I find things that are designed for another activity altogether). I like to wear colours that complement each other, but this isn’t always possible and sometimes my wardrobe looks a bit mismatched because I choose items designed for the the activity I am doing – and I don’t mind this because I prefer to buy things that are fit for purpose.

Choosing items of kit that do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, takes a bit of research! When you are looking for any gear… don’t just buy it off the internet because it looks cool. You need to try it on in a specialist shop, make sure it all fits, and make sure it is the right gear for the job. If the stuff fits you and is perfect, and the people in the shop have invested time and energy with you, do them a favour and buy the gear from that shop. Have you noticed that since more outdoor stuff can be bought from the internet… more of the local or independent shops have closed down? It’s a shame because these are usually the shops that have a broad range of gear, and at both ends of the price spectrum. Tap into their knowledge… you will find out that the people who work in these places have been to all sorts of interesting places.

Start looking early – you know that when time is tight you can never find what you’re looking for. Build in enough time to find the best bits of kit for your trip. For good advice, go into your local outdoor shop for a chat about where you are going and what you think you might need. Or, go along to a talk by someone who has done a similar trip, and ask them a few questions later. Only buy items that fit properly or that are totally functional – spend time trying them on, chatting to people and reading about them to know this for sure. Don’t be swayed by magazine reviews… they are like my site, ie they are entirely one person’s opinion about something. Something worth remembering is, the more prepared you are for going somewhere, the less you have to think about while you are away. My motto… there are far too many things that unfold during a trip which are really exciting and the last thing I want to worry about is my kit!